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How to Earn Money With Editing In Gaming | Possible Gamer

How to Earn Money With Editing In Gaming

As you know the gaming community is very big and you know many of the players playing games day and night, all the day and you have a chance to get in gaming community if you are a video editor so you can earn money with games 

This is video is get from youtube : Gamer Tashvik

So Lets Begin
If you are a Video editor and you know how to edit videos and you know very well so there is a chance to earn money and show skills in the public with gaming community.

As you know there are thousands and thousands of gamers in gaming community on the youtube twitch platform. And as you know they stream there videos very large of time at least 2 hours to 7-8 hours of stream/live.

So You can offer there admin to "I am a editor, and i can edit or short your videos and those who do not see your whole stream or live video so those can see your videos in less than 30 mins of longest live video".

You can charge them some money that we will edit your videos our price is that that and that and i will suggest you if you are a new user do it for free because it will generate your marketing value and in hence your skills also. 

And you can make your Portfolio on Instagram,Youtube or you can make your own Website and also add a form for user so they can give you videos and you can edit it.

If you think that i am growing well so you can price them or increase your pricing value.

So here you need to short the video if the live video is 1 to 2 hours long you can take the main main part of the game in this blog i am using PUBG and CSGO because these games are in trending and most of the gamers play these games so you need to take main main shot or kill and make a small video of it.

Then you need to edit the video with your PC editor like Vegas Pro, After Effects and other editor and you need to edit the like a gaming video like you need to add some effects transition overlay and more and its up to you how you edit.

But If you don't know how to edit videos so you can learn on Youtube And Udemy these are great-great-great platform to learn any thing that you want.

So what you edit in video you can make Montages, Short the Videos these are some editing tips to edit in your video and if you don't know what are montages you can check the video that i add in the post.

And If you are a Mobile user you can also do it on your Phone and the Next Blog Post will Come on mobile wait for it

So this is how you can earn with editing in Gaming Community
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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Mobile Games to Play in quarantine | Possible Gamer

Mobile Games to Play in Quarantine

As you know today we are facing Covid-19 and staying home and many of people are frustrated because they have nothing to do. So don't take tension because possible gamer is here. Here i come with many games that you can play on your phone and pass you time very very very fast. And here you can also know the most common and very productive games which you can start to play.

Main Image

So Lets Begin--- 
Clash of Clans

This game don't want to say anything about this game because this game if you start playing today you will not leave your phone until night come and you go to bed because this games has lots of strategy needed to play in this you make your army and train your troops than attack on the other person bases and if you win the game you get trophies and loot to train troops and upgrade buildings and also this game is easy to play but after some long time so this game become boring because you need more loot and if anyone attack on your base you loses your some loot and than you need to take loot again and again and the buildings upgrading time will also become more and more. But overall this game is bed i also play this game and on this time i am on town hall 12 you also play it.

Clash Royale

This game is also made by the developers of Clash of Clans and this game is also based on strategies in this game you make your deck of troops card and you can choose 8 cards at a time and then you to battle with live player. So this game is multiplayer you can play with friends and make them much to do something. In this games you get chest when you win the battle and in side the chest you get gold coins, troops card, gems and more. you can upgrade you card by gold coins and make them stronger and stronger my favorite card is Giant, Musketeer, Wizard these cards are always in my deck.


This game is available on PC also, This is a puzzle based game and a platform game, In this game you have character name limbo and you go on a journey to find your love and you need to face many puzzle type obstacles and you need to solve this. this game is all about your mind how you play. I finished this game 2 times and like you to play this game must.

Infinitode 2

This is game is a tower defence game, in this games you make your base and build tower and tower and the enemy come from a cave type something the enemies are in variety of shapes like triangle, rectangle, square and we need to kill it before they went to the other cave there are dozens of levels in it but i love this game because there are lots of music in this game i never see this type of game that has so many music but on the game we come you can play it on android i don't know that game is on ios or not but for android user you can play it easily. I play this game when my internet is end so i pass the time until the time comes to 12:00 AM 😎 😛 .

Last but not the least.

This game is Only game you can play it on any device but i recommend you to play on PC or laptop because you need to make drawing in this game. In this game you enter the website and type your name than click on play button after it you enter on a public room (You can also make a private room) and in the room there are players that are making drawing and you need to guess the drawing what the player is making wait for it  your turn will also come for drawing and you get points if you guess the drawing. And Honestly say a thing that i started playing this game today and how cool is it and also you can play this game with your friends in a custom/private room and share the link to your friends and you can add 12 player in a room how cool is it.

So these are the mobile games to play in quarantine and share this article to your friends so they will also get games and play with it.
stay tuned for PC games to play in quarantine
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Saturday, April 11, 2020

What and Why Gamers Face Problems | Possible Gamer

What and Why Gamers Face Problems

Today we are looking at why and what gamer face problems in there gaming life.
So this article have short heading but you can go with it.

So Lets Begin---
Toxic Community
What is toxic community as you know there are 2 types of people good and bad so the bad people do many wrong things to gaming like i am playing PUBG yesterday there is a guy in my squad he is making very bad sound in the speaker and my playing experience is coming to low down that i lost the game also.
There are people who mod the game and hack the game so they win all the time this is called toxic community.
This is the biggest problem in Gaming.

I don't know what in your country is going on about gaming but in our country the INDIA the gaming is toxic because many of the do not like playing games but there are some who those play but there parents does not allow them to go in this community.
As you know in the online multiplayer game there is no pause button to pause your game and your parents said "do this work" then you said "i am playing the game" and parents said "Pause your game!" so what you do 😄 for this that why this problem is also big in India as i said first i don't know about your country so that why i only telling of my country

​as you know the graphics card processor are not come at low price and many of the parents does not give give money for gaming and our PC and many parents thinks this is not the good community to go with this is also the problem and many of the other thinks are very costly like Gaming PC and many people do not buy games.

Game Series
​Many of the games come in the market but they last to at a single game they do not make the next part of the game like in Project IGI come and the second part also but it comes in 2003 or 2004 i think but it another part does not come so that why this also a problem of the game series game

Saving Game
In many games there is a thing that we become frustrated with it that is saving the game when we do a level 1 and then we are going to do the next level and suddenly we die in the game not in real so we want to do the level 1 again this is also a problem in Saving the Game.
And this also the biggest problem from this in our system there are save files if they become corrupted so we start the game from beginning and we become more and more angry with that

As you know many potatoes PC does not support high end games and they become slow and dance like a slow motion and i less talk about this problem so this is be good.

When a new game launches so we see the trailer of the game and we see that the game of the graphics are so much real like we are in the game and the game comes with the realistic graphics so we start collecting money for the game the money is collected > we buy the game > we downloaded the game > we install the game > and we are opening it than what we see Cartoon the game is like cartoon what is this.
The game companies make these trailer for you so you buy the game and company become rich so this is also a big problem in Gaming.

if you want to be a gamer with PC so click here
if you want to be a gamer with mobile so click here

I hope you like these problems for gaming Community.
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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Boost Your System like a High End PC | Possible Gamer

Boost Your System like a High End PC

Performance is the most important thing that matter most whether your car performance, whether you are a student exam performance and PC performance so in this website we talk about gaming so this article we are talking about Gaming performance for your PC and if you do not play games so you can do this for your potato PC also.
If in your PC there is no graphic card or a simple and old graphic card we do these things to fast out PC or laptop with these easy and simple tricks or tips. And as you know we need to maintain our PC to make your PC better so we can do our stuff fast and easily .

So Lets Begin---
#1 Update your Drivers
If in your PC there is a graphic card or CPU so update your drivers of it. if there is no drivers in your system so Install it from there official website. if you are using APU so update those drivers. So it makes your system fast because they get rid of the old bugs and make it faster.

#2 Get rid of junk
Those software that you does't not use in daily life so uninstall it because many of the software runs in back and it makes your PC slow so check if there is a useless software in our system you can check it by going in control panel > Programs and Features and if there is a software that is useless than right click on it and click Uninstall. And also check in your Task Manager if there is a back process is running you can check it by going in task manager by clicking Ctrl+Shift+Esc or right click on task bar down below and than click on task manager than in the task manager check the items in the Processes tab and in start up tab Start up are those software when we boot our system they begin automatically so disable it if they are not use of your by Right Click and click disable to it.

#3 Defragment your Disk Regularly
Defragmentation is like a assembling your files if your files are not assembled so make your file fragmented by going in Optimize in Windows 10 it makes your PC files optimize it is help in games when your games run i need there files if the files are another disk and audio files are in another disk so it is hard find your system and not have to make your game much most faster so arrange it custom or with optimize inbuilt Windows 10 feature.

#4 Set Maximum Performance
Go to Intel graphics properties or Nvidia Graphics Properties and switch it on maximum performance. it will make your system fast the processor or GPU takes more power to give more performance it is called Overclocking it happens like if we give the more power to CPU or GPU it boost up there frequency and give faster performance. Also you need a good cooling system because you know that we are giving more power so it will generate more heat that's why we need good cooling system and this will also make your system Fast.

#5 Use Gaming mode
​If you are using Microsoft Windows 10 so in the latest version we have a gaming mode inbuilt and you can use it by click on WIN + G it opens a gaming bar and you do much more stuff in it and makes your games fast and overall system will also become fast.

If these tips will work so comment me down below.
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