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Which Programming Language Learn By Beginner ? | Possible Gamer

Which Programming Language Learn By Beginner ?

As we know there are dozens of programming languages in the market but we need to learn that language those can run at anywhere but this is not possible because the all languages are built for a single purpose to like JavaScript for web development, c++ for gaming or software development, python for hacking and etc but here a question a comes which language we should learn when we are beginner in this field.

First you need to find your field that where you want learn things like Web development, software development, Game development and etc here we discuss about only these 3 but if you want to get another topic so you can comment me down below

So Lets Begin---
For Beginner
​If you are a starter at this field and you don't which field should i jump so you must learn C and C++ Because these are those from every programmer start with this and this is fast to learn in C the all syntax function are easy and easy to learn and if you are switching to C++ so you can switch it is a type of a next level part of C in C++ you can learn (OPP) the Object Oriented Programming is used in software development gaming and in many more stuff so you start with C and C++

Web Development
In web development you need to learn JavaScript firstly do not compare this with Java because these are so much different from other the java is use used in Android development but here we discuss only JavaScript this is mainly use to make website clean and to action with user this easy to learn if you are a beginner you jump on to JavaScript so you need to give more time to this.
If you come with C or any other Language so it is easy to learn because most of the languages are same but there syntax are different so you need to learn syntax and some basic of it and your JavaScript basic will be clear in less time.

Software Development
In the you can learn C#, Java, Python, C++ you can go with anyone but i will prefer to jump with Python And Java the python is easy to learn and it is not difficult because in this language the syntax are very very easy to learn if you are master in these languages so you can use Framework the Framework is a set of code where many of lines of codes are written in it and you access with classes Function object and more.
These languages are best for there work you can start with these languages.

Game Development
You can learn C++ if you learn C and not so go to Beginner topic and read it again the game development there are many languages you can also learn Python, C#, Java but these are there own purpose to learn if you want to learn game development so you can start with Game Engine and that is Unity Game Engine it is free and in this software you need to learn C# and this is best for beginners. you can read this also Why Games Need Programming to make.

So that is for all today if you like the article so give a comment down below and if any query you can comment me down below and we will meat in another blog bye...
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How Gaming Company Makes Billions of Dollars ? | Possible Gamer

How Gaming Company Makes Billions of Dollars ? 

Do you know the Call of Duty: Black ops 4 game earns $500 Million in only 3 weeks, Witcher 3 makes $1 Billion in only 1.5 year But this is nothing the Clash of Clans the mobile makes total $2.3 Billion earn. The AAA games has easy to make money because we need to buy the game So company gets money directly In the Clash of Clans does't have this case it is a free game as you know you can download it from Play Store for free and we can play the game for free. But the question comes how the Clash Of Clans make $2.3 Billion money And there are lots of games like PUBG, Hayday, Candy Crush, TownShip, etc they are all free so how they make money.

In this article we will discuss about this topic How Free Games can make money in Billions of Dollars

So Lets Begin---
If i ask you On internet how we make money ? So you will answer by advertisement but i ask again but changing a single word that is How ? so you will answer me by placing ads and when we click on ads so we get money. That is True and like this in video games this Technic is followed. As you see when we play games in mobile we see ads and when we click on ads the game maker or game company gets money from it This model is called Click Model.

But we do not use only Click Model other this side we can use Paper View Model Because as you know the generation is about video ads and most of the time in game we get video ads and when player view the ads so company gets money from view As like this the company makes money from video ads.

If you make your game so how you can implement the ads in your game but first you have publishable game means you have game that looks good, playing games means it will be ready to play so you can publish on Play Store, App store etc. and other thing is ads provider the ads provider are a middle man they are like a broker they takes ads from a company and play those ads to our games or those who use ads provider so the player see the ads and the ad got advertisement.

If you use Unity Game engine so Unity is also a ads Provider means we have all tools so we can implement ads in our game by only 1 game engine we can make game and implement ads in our game also so how easy it is but it is not true in the game showing ads is little bit difficult because we need to decide where, why and how much the ad is shown if you play a game the ad is shown randomly, after the end of level, after winning the game, and some games the ads are show in high frequency.

But in the good Games there is a option to see ads like choose example: in hay day game you see a option that you want to see ads or not and if player want to see ads so if they see it so the player get a reward that's why player get a gaming experience and does't get frustrating to see the ads and i also give you this advice that give your player a choose to see ads if he want so he accept it and not so not and if he see the ad so give him a reward.

And in the Video game you can also earn with out placing ads but how in some games there a option to remove ads in this the player wants to play game but without ads so they can give some money to us and we remove ads to play easily. and you can also add this feature in your game and as like this you can make money without ads also how simple it is right.

Now we talk about Clash of Clans as you know the game is totally free to play and there is no ads to see so how the game makes money from it there is a Technic come that is In App Purchase in this the game sales something to player like Coins, Costumes, Weapons, Gold, Gems, etc and some of the game have enhancements and we need to buy these so we need to give some money like 1$ to 100$ and all of the money $2.3 Billion is earned by In App Purchase.

You can also do this in your game but the question comes how we can add this in our game the big company makes a virtual currency in the game like Coins, Gems, Elixir, Diamonds, etc And in In App Purchase we buy some game currency from this currency we can buy items like Weapons, Costumes, Other Currency, etc but if you see there a layering system is going on that is we cannot buy directly a Weapons Costumes because there is a currency to buy it as like the Candy Crush games we have Candy Booster and those can only buy from Gold and the Gold is buy from real money that we give so they add this layer system so player do not think that we are investing in the game.

Next is Convenience player to buy the game currency that's why the player makes inconvenience in the game as like in the Clash of Clans if we update or make a new building so we need to give Elixir or Gold or Dark Elixir after it the building need time to build it takes 10 seconds 7 days so player does't want to wait that much of time so they need to pay Gems and you can buy Gems from the Clash of Clans Store and that is called In App Purchase so the time will skip and building will become ready to play.

And we need to maintain inconvenience if the inconvenience is more so the player does't not the game and uninstall it and if they think that player are not playing the game so they give new offers to player but only out of 100% of people those who are playing games only 3% to 5% invest in the game. So what other peoples do they promote the app how ? you play a game PUBG and people tells about the game to there friends and make there own squad. And in news comes in the last year PUBG game earned more than $1000 Million from only of In App Purchase .

It means you can earn money from In App Purchase And from my choose this the best thing to make money from In App Purchase but you need to make your game interesting because if your game is interesting Then only people play your game so you need to focus on your game how i can make our game much better than before do not focus on app purchase or any other thing just focus on Game only.

So that's it all for today i hope you like the article if you get something from this article you can comment me down below and if you like it so read a another blog till then take care and bye...
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How to cool down your PC and Mobile Phone | Possible Gamer

How to cool down your PC and Mobile Phone

As you know the summer are coming, and we feel the hot temperature while we are outside, inside or anywhere and we also know that our PC and laptop will also get heated with Hot temperature that's we called heating. so why it is happen ?


So Lets Begin---
One day my friend is playing a game on his Android Mobile and then suddenly he asked me Why the phones become hot when we play games ? And as like this my other friend ask me Why PC become hot when we play games ? and they does't know the heating problem is big and many companies are make those devices that does't make so much heat or not make heat but it is electronics that become heat as like fact.

Why our devices make so much heat ? 
And: The Second law of thermodynamics what happens when some energy is used so some energy will be wasted and waste energy converted in heat means it become heat or released and as we know the current travel to our devices and when it travel so it generate heat and out of this heat our devices become heated.

In our devices like motherboard we have a component name called resistors it help us to limit the current means if we send the 5 volt current to a bulb but our bulb need only 3 volt so the resistor help here the 2 volt current it consume inside and this makes heat because the 2 volt are wasting.

And as we know there are lots of resistor in our device and the most common parts of PC that makes most heat are CPU and GPU the Brain of the Computer and in these components have Millions of transistors and those make heat. When we play high graphics game and use High end software like after effects, and more those run by CPU and GPU and these components need more energy that is current of electricity and do more processing for this heavy work and like this it generate heat as much we do more work so the heat will also increase.

In our Computer we have heat sink that help in cool the CPU but in our phone does't have heat sink because in our phone does't have much more space to fit a heat sink inside the phone we have SOCs but all the components of the mobile are on a single chip and that's why it designed for power efficient means it consume low power and give high output. but heat generate all time and our phone back become hot.

So how the atmosphere temperature effects our PC if the atmosphere temperature is 35 degree so the system temperature will also be at 35 or more but in case the temperature will foll down to 30 or 32 degree so it generate moisture to the components and it will destroy our system.

If you want to check the temperature of the PC or mobile there are lots of apps in the market but  i will tell you the best app for you in Mobile you can use Ampere and in PC you can use MSI after burner software.


The maximum heat of the Mobile phone is 45 degree and in the PC it is 80 degree in case the temperature is beating the maximum value so it is called over heating. The overheating can make many problems but the common problem of heating is Thermal Throttling inside the problem the processor slow down it power so our PC become lagging why because the processor slow down its speed and take less power this is called Thermal Throttling.

This is not the only problem of heating in some condition our PC or phone permanently become damage so what is the solution there is no solution for phone but before you are buying the new phone so research for your phone and in Youtube there are lots of video where you can check your heating test if the phone pass the test so you can buy it easily. Next is PC there are lots of solution for PC
  1. Make your PC clean from inside if it does't work
  2. So apply the thermal paste on your processor or CPU
  3. Add a new heat sink so your processor work cool and cool

So that's it all for today i hope you like the article if you get something from this article you can comment me down below and if you like it so read a another blog till then take care and bye...
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How to make a PC under 500$ for Game Development | Possible Gamer

How to make a PC under 500$ For Game Development

Many of peoples are looking for a PC for game development but this is little bit difficult to choose the specs for PC. In this article you will know the best GPU, CPU, RAM, Power Supply, HHD, SSD and many more so if you are excited to know

So Let's Begin---
​In this PC you can make games with game engine like Unity, BuildBox, Gamemaker Studio any others and if you are a Designer you can also use blender, 3DS Max and more. And if you like to play some games to relax your mind you can also do that with it. and as you this is harder to select the components with 400$ but the PC are build in more than 1000$ of dollar and you know that we are beginner so we do not start the game making with AAA game so we start with indie games and in this PC you can easily make the game and designer some Lowpoly designs with 3D software. know we discuss about which specs we use so these are.

CPU AMD Ryzen 2200G
And as you know the game engine need better CPU for making games and it need better processing power so in this build we choose this. In this you get :
  1. Cooling Fan in the Box so we do not need a extra cooler we can use this only.
  2. Quad Core 4 Core.
  3. 4 Threads. 
  4. Clock : Base Clock 3.5 Boost Clock 3.7
  5. Cache 4 MB
  6. And more you can check on the Website.
And in this processor you also get Integrated Graphics that is 

GPU : Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
It can Beat The GT 1030 this is best CPU i like to choose in this build and this is integrated in CPU so you do not need to buy a external Graphic card.

Mother Board : Asus EX-A320M-Gaming
As you know we need to choose only those mother board who are capable to run Ryzen 2200G and its package is AM4 in this you get AM4 socket to insert the CPU in this you get
  1. In this you get many USB Input
  2. HDMI Port
  3. 4 Ram Slots that support DDR4
  4. And for Front panel means if you have a case that has 3.0 port in front so you can access from front also.

Ram : HyperX Fury DDR4 8 GB with 2400Mhz
And in this build we need good and high frequency ram with more storage so we use 8 GB because we need to do multitasking and this is good for beginner and if you want more so can also add a 1 more stick of 8 GB and do more Stuff.

Storage : Seagate 1 TB HHD
And this is best to store data in it. like photos, videos, files, and more and if you need fast so you can use 256 GB or more SSD it is a Solid state drive that works very much more faster in PC its like if unity game engine open in 45 sec in HHD on the other hand in SSD the same software that is unity will open in only 20 sec its depend on PC.

Power Supply : Corsair 450 watt
And as you know we need a power supply to current our PC many people buy cheap power supply but you need to buy a good power supply that supply current to your PC in Flow so our components get the only those much supply that they want.

This is a mid tower cabinet to join our all components in a place and in this cabinet we get 
  1. 1 Side tempered glass 
  2. Front we get a RGB strip that give a premium look to our PC with RGB controlling button
  3. And at the top we get USB 3 USB 2
  4. Mic and Speaker Out port
  5. And a Memory card Slot
  6. With RGB fan inside

So these are the components to build a PC in 500$ and if you have any doubt about the PC you can comment down below i will give you solution to it.
and all the links are given to the name you can access and buy them easily now and thanks for reading this article i hope you liked the post if deed comment down till then take care we will meet in another blog bye...
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Why Games Need Programming to make ? | Possible Gamer

Why Games Need Programming ?

You have a great idea to make a game and you want to make the game to a reality so you want to make your own game. You know we need a game engine to make a game and you already downloaded a engine to make a game and after all you need assets and as like game engine you also download the best and greatest assets for your game.

So you have game engine game assets and what to do next the next is coding or programming. And as you know there are lots of programming languages in the market and here a question comes Why games need programming languages to make is there a way to make games without programming languages so in this article we discuss about coding and can we make games without programming if not so why not if yes.

Why Games Need Programming

So Lets Begin---
For making video games we need programming languages and this is called game programming. The game programming is very important part of the game because we cannot make games unique and better.

Where we need Game Programming ?
So question comes where we need game programming. It is used in to take input from the user and give an output as you know the game is played by keyboard, joystick, mouse, etc. And they need a Input this role is played by programming language. As you know in the game the "W" stands for moving the player forward, "S" stands for moving the player Backward, "Space Bar" stands for jumping the player and many more input we need. 
Also the programming language is need to make Gameplay because the Gameplay decide how the game be look like, what challenges we had to do, what missions we need to do, storytelling, etc so this is also made by programming. Many people play the game candy crush in this game you have many of candies to blow it and you have a challenge bar where you get challenges like beat the target, drop the candies down, blow the chocolate and many more so this part we also need programming.
Also in the AI we need programming because we need to give AI to enemies example: in the batman game if we kill a enemy from backside they do nothing to player but on the other hand if we kill the enemy from front they attack to us. So we need to make the enemy smarter. And in some games there are very difficult enemy to kill because they have very powerful AI and this done with lots of programming.
The game engine are also developed by programming example: the Unity game engine is develop in C and C++.

And think that we need to make a game so first we need to make a game engine how hard it is. But in the Big companies they use there own Game Engine example: Ubisoft use Dunia Game Engine. and you have question why companies make there game engine if there are lots of game engine in the market because if we use a specific game engine to make a specific game so it is easy to make because they can add more features, optimize, enhance, etc.
And you can also make your own game engine but you need to learn programming language.
And the programming is used everywhere like sound programming, graphics programming, physics programming(Most important), and if you are making multiplayer game so Database Programming, network programming and more.


Can we make games without programming ?
Yes, There is software in the market name Build Box and with this software you can make games with out coding but you can only make a specific game that Build Box have inside build it but you need to make a specific game so you need to learn programming language.
But yes the programming language is difficult to learn but if you do not have interest in programming so you can do other stuff in gaming field like sound designer, graphic designer, game designer click here and many more.

But if you need to make your own game like a indie game so you need to learn programming language Even then you love programming or not. So question comes which programming did i learn so you need to learn those language which your game engine support like the Unity game engine support C# and Unreal Game Engine support c++.
But the game programming and programming are different so you can learn programming with there official site of game engines.

So i hope your concept about why games need programming languages is clear and if there is a doubt you can comment me down below and i will see you in the next blog or article till then be safe and keep learning game programming bye...
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How to become a Game Designer Part 2 End | Possible Gamer

So we are Taking about How to be a game designer and this is the part 2 if you do not read the part 1 so first go and the article first then come here because if you directly read this so you do not understand the article so click here
So in the last post we learn about what is game designer and types of game designer and at last we leave a topic of game tester so in this article you will learn about game tester, communication skills, and more.
How to Become a Game Designer part 2 end image

So Lets Begin---

Game Tester:
The game tester play the game after the building of game by company, they find the error and things that can make the game difficult and more interesting they can also tell you can add a story line in this part, if you work in company so you will learn about game company game development how the game is develop and meet the game developer, designer, and many other persons and any game you play so your game designing skill will also increase and when you play it so you get error as i tell you before and then you go to game designer and ask for the error that this is real an error or you add this intentionally so you will meet with game designer and you will learn how the game designer thing and so you can gain experience of game designing. if you think you play more then Thousand of Games so you can be a game designer so not because the game designer design the game, add more items, story, make interesting, and many more they fins that what inside it so it makes it unique from other games so this is how the thinking process is work of game designer.

Example: In 2014 there is a game come name alien Isolation in this game the enemy or alien follow the player and the player cannot shoot or kill the enemy but the enemy always follow the player and player wants to run from enemy Whereas game makes thrilling and suspenseful and like this the resident evil 2 game has same type of enemy and same machines in that game.

Skills Required:
First and the most important skill you need that is Communication Skill because in the company there are lots of team and you need to talk with them. so in the team you will talk with game designer, game developer and more so both have different thinking power and you need to guide them with same goal.
And other you need to learn Psychology, Philosophy, Myths, World Religions, Maths(at least Algebra), Programming (Good Logic), Drawing, Graphic Designing.
You need to play different games and those games that you do not like and does not interesting because you need to clear how the game works, story telling and lots of more things.
And the most Important thing is you need to be creative means you have creativity so you can add more features to game.

How to start:
You can start with making pen and paper games, board games like ludo, snake and ladders, chess and more. If you become comfortable with the board games so you can shift on to game engine here you can make game with programming graphic designing you can use game maker studio it is free and easy to use then if you become comfortable in this so you can shift to unity it is also free but little bit harder to use and it makes very unique games and after it you can make your portfolio and send to the company if company likes your portfolio so they will take action to you they will take your interview and hire you to your company if you want to know how the game is made you can Click here its free to learn

So be ready to make your portfolio and become a game designer and make your ideal game.
So that's all guys I hope you like the post and if deed you can comment down below and thanks for reading the topic we will meet in another blog bye... 
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How to Become a Game Designer Part 1 | Possible Gamer

How to Become a Game Designer

Part 1

How to Become a Game Designer part 1

Game Designer Graph the new experiences of video games, Game Designer create the new idea for the video games, game designer set the new trends of the video games, and all the game designer wants to need a job in a great and big company, and wants to me AAA games, make Ideas for the game, and make the dream game into reality.
it seems like the job is very easy we only need to make ideas and design but here we discuss how.
The big Question comes here What Game Designer do, or can we be a game designer and what we have to learn, which skill we need to learn about to know that read the article.


So Lets Begin--- 
If in our Mind Pops up with a idea so we start building game directly but this not a good method Because before starting making game we need to do a Planing And the big companies always do a planing and discuss about the game they decide that the game is single player, multiplayer, open world, platform game, story based if it is story based so how the characters look like, what type of story be, Battle Royal, etc. How the Game play, Machines be etc. They take dozens of decision and this process is called Game Designing.

Game Play Designer 
For game designing we need game designer and they design the core of the video game. they make a proper document in that they define what are the concepts of the game like machines, game play, rules, missions, combat, in that the define smallest and the largest decision in it. After that they do planning and set the goals for it according the goals they set the teams for a specific goal in the big companies all the parts have separate teams like for game play they have game play designer they have good knowledge about game play. They work with software engineers, game programmers to make a excellent game play. 

Ui Designer
For UI they have UI designer they create menu, health bar, etc the UI designer is most important because the UI plays a big role. In the game and in the mobile games we have more importance of UI. UI designer work with 2D designer, 3D designer, animator, graphic designer so they can make excellent UI.

Level Designer
For Video Games we have levels and the levels are made by Level Designer and they have best knowledge about levels they know that what level makes fun and unfunny they also work with game programmers, graphic designers, environments artist and make the level challenging and interesting so the players build there interest in the game.

And that's nothing For the complexity of the game we have Different Different Designers like System Designers, Script Designers, Combat Designers, Mission Designers, etc. All of the Designers were lead by Lead Designer.
Game Designer can also become Famous because they get a chance to go in press conference, talk about the game so they got popularity and become famous.

How to Become Game Designer
If you think i have great great ideas for game creation so this is the not the only thing to go with it because the big companies have many great ideas and the ideas are cheap so companies need those person who can implement the idea into a reality who can tell about what we need to achieve for idea to reality so the companies need these types of designer.
The companies get costly designer because the one decision of the designer take a decision the team works to it if the designer takes wrong decision and team work to it so the decision will waste of time and money and company get costly. So companies need experienced game designer so getting the job in big company is quite difficult but you can do the entry level job where you can do game tester job so the question comes what is game tester.

As you know the article is becoming too long so we discuss about game tester and other more things in next part How to become game designer part 2. free to learn
So that's all guys I hope you like the post and if deed you can comment down below and thanks for reading the topic we will meet in another blog bye... 
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How to make First Video Game | Gaming | Possible Gamer

How to make first video game | Possible Gamer

As you know the Gaming community is growing how fast and the game creating is also expanding so today we are discussing about how you can make your own first indie game the indie game is known that from beginning to end you need make your game by your own it means you need to make the game assets, sound effects, animation, beats, and all the other things by your own you can also team up with your friend who is interested in game making so you can divide the work and give each other and this will help you to make it fast and easy to do and you both can also add the more features in it.



What you need:
A PC don,t worry we do not need a high end PC you start with your old laptop.
And Internet Connection it is Optional but in 2020 everyone has internet.

What to learn first:
You need to learn first a programming language you can start with C and C++ it is easy and all the programmers will start learning with C and from my view the C programming language is build for learning the new programmers. but after the learning C you need to shift on object oriented programming (OOP) language because your game concepts is only clear in OOP the OOP language are c++, java, C# go with C# because the unity is only use C# you are thinking what is unity don,t worry i will tell you later.
And if you need to Design Assets the assets are the game items like player sprite, background image, UI, and more so you can go with Photoshop it is only for 2D.
If you are looking for 3D you can go with Blender it is free and make 3D design.

What is Unity:
The unity is a Game Engine that helps you to make game easy with their interface it has build in animation method and events handling and more other features and it is also for free and it is also recommended who make indie games the unity game engine can export your game in PC, Android, Xbox and more the unity runs on C# that's why I am telling you to learn C# it has in-built IDE that is Mono develop but i do not use it i use Visual Studio it is easy and fast for developers.
The unity made so much Famous games like Crossy Road, Cuphead, Monument Valley 2, INSIDE, Ori and the blind forest, etc you can checkout on play storeUntitled document and steam.

Learn Game Programming:
It is necessary to learn Game programming because it helps you to clear you all mind concepts and you errors you can learn it from unity official website; youtube channels brakeys, blackthornprod; and from Google.

Which Type of game i made:
You can Start the game making with 2D and 3D game these are 2 popular type you can start with but i recommend you with 2D because it has only 2 Axis (X, Y) so this is easy to start coding
You can make game by watching other games like flappy bird platform games like Mario it is very famous in Nintendo console

How to get Assets for games:
There are tons of website in the market were you can buy and get the assets you can also download from unity there are all the items you can get in one folder audio, video, animation, 2D, 3D, and more for free and paid but I recommend you to make your own Assets by Photoshop and Blender.

How to get Sound Effects:
You can get Sound effects from and it is free to use there are more website you can visit.
If you need to make background sound, make sound from your own and get to edit it, you can use Audacity it is totally free to use and easy.
And the last is Bosca Ceoil for making background sound it is also free to use and has best features even i use for my projects in Game Making.

Do not make your first game big:
Start your game with simple Projects like flappy bird as i tell you before than share your game to your friends and tell them if there is mistake, bug, or any other thing that you are not liking it so tell me i will fix it and make it harder for you.
Because you are in learning Stage so only clear your concepts do not focus on making game focus on learning.
Add more features to your game.

Launch it on Play Store:
If you are ready to launch your game you can launch it on playstore where from the world all the people download your game and play with it you can earn with your first game also but we discuss it on another topic not today.


So that's all guys I hope you like the post and if deed you can comment down below and thanks for reading the topic we will meet in another blog bye...
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