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How Gaming Company Makes Billions of Dollars ? | Possible Gamer

How Gaming Company Makes Billions of Dollars ? 

Do you know the Call of Duty: Black ops 4 game earns $500 Million in only 3 weeks, Witcher 3 makes $1 Billion in only 1.5 year But this is nothing the Clash of Clans the mobile makes total $2.3 Billion earn. The AAA games has easy to make money because we need to buy the game So company gets money directly In the Clash of Clans does't have this case it is a free game as you know you can download it from Play Store for free and we can play the game for free. But the question comes how the Clash Of Clans make $2.3 Billion money And there are lots of games like PUBG, Hayday, Candy Crush, TownShip, etc they are all free so how they make money.

In this article we will discuss about this topic How Free Games can make money in Billions of Dollars

So Lets Begin---
If i ask you On internet how we make money ? So you will answer by advertisement but i ask again but changing a single word that is How ? so you will answer me by placing ads and when we click on ads so we get money. That is True and like this in video games this Technic is followed. As you see when we play games in mobile we see ads and when we click on ads the game maker or game company gets money from it This model is called Click Model.

But we do not use only Click Model other this side we can use Paper View Model Because as you know the generation is about video ads and most of the time in game we get video ads and when player view the ads so company gets money from view As like this the company makes money from video ads.

If you make your game so how you can implement the ads in your game but first you have publishable game means you have game that looks good, playing games means it will be ready to play so you can publish on Play Store, App store etc. and other thing is ads provider the ads provider are a middle man they are like a broker they takes ads from a company and play those ads to our games or those who use ads provider so the player see the ads and the ad got advertisement.

If you use Unity Game engine so Unity is also a ads Provider means we have all tools so we can implement ads in our game by only 1 game engine we can make game and implement ads in our game also so how easy it is but it is not true in the game showing ads is little bit difficult because we need to decide where, why and how much the ad is shown if you play a game the ad is shown randomly, after the end of level, after winning the game, and some games the ads are show in high frequency.

But in the good Games there is a option to see ads like choose example: in hay day game you see a option that you want to see ads or not and if player want to see ads so if they see it so the player get a reward that's why player get a gaming experience and does't get frustrating to see the ads and i also give you this advice that give your player a choose to see ads if he want so he accept it and not so not and if he see the ad so give him a reward.

And in the Video game you can also earn with out placing ads but how in some games there a option to remove ads in this the player wants to play game but without ads so they can give some money to us and we remove ads to play easily. and you can also add this feature in your game and as like this you can make money without ads also how simple it is right.

Now we talk about Clash of Clans as you know the game is totally free to play and there is no ads to see so how the game makes money from it there is a Technic come that is In App Purchase in this the game sales something to player like Coins, Costumes, Weapons, Gold, Gems, etc and some of the game have enhancements and we need to buy these so we need to give some money like 1$ to 100$ and all of the money $2.3 Billion is earned by In App Purchase.

You can also do this in your game but the question comes how we can add this in our game the big company makes a virtual currency in the game like Coins, Gems, Elixir, Diamonds, etc And in In App Purchase we buy some game currency from this currency we can buy items like Weapons, Costumes, Other Currency, etc but if you see there a layering system is going on that is we cannot buy directly a Weapons Costumes because there is a currency to buy it as like the Candy Crush games we have Candy Booster and those can only buy from Gold and the Gold is buy from real money that we give so they add this layer system so player do not think that we are investing in the game.

Next is Convenience player to buy the game currency that's why the player makes inconvenience in the game as like in the Clash of Clans if we update or make a new building so we need to give Elixir or Gold or Dark Elixir after it the building need time to build it takes 10 seconds 7 days so player does't want to wait that much of time so they need to pay Gems and you can buy Gems from the Clash of Clans Store and that is called In App Purchase so the time will skip and building will become ready to play.

And we need to maintain inconvenience if the inconvenience is more so the player does't not the game and uninstall it and if they think that player are not playing the game so they give new offers to player but only out of 100% of people those who are playing games only 3% to 5% invest in the game. So what other peoples do they promote the app how ? you play a game PUBG and people tells about the game to there friends and make there own squad. And in news comes in the last year PUBG game earned more than $1000 Million from only of In App Purchase .

It means you can earn money from In App Purchase And from my choose this the best thing to make money from In App Purchase but you need to make your game interesting because if your game is interesting Then only people play your game so you need to focus on your game how i can make our game much better than before do not focus on app purchase or any other thing just focus on Game only.

So that's it all for today i hope you like the article if you get something from this article you can comment me down below and if you like it so read a another blog till then take care and bye...
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