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How to become a Game Designer Part 2 End | Possible Gamer

So we are Taking about How to be a game designer and this is the part 2 if you do not read the part 1 so first go and the article first then come here because if you directly read this so you do not understand the article so click here
So in the last post we learn about what is game designer and types of game designer and at last we leave a topic of game tester so in this article you will learn about game tester, communication skills, and more.
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So Lets Begin---

Game Tester:
The game tester play the game after the building of game by company, they find the error and things that can make the game difficult and more interesting they can also tell you can add a story line in this part, if you work in company so you will learn about game company game development how the game is develop and meet the game developer, designer, and many other persons and any game you play so your game designing skill will also increase and when you play it so you get error as i tell you before and then you go to game designer and ask for the error that this is real an error or you add this intentionally so you will meet with game designer and you will learn how the game designer thing and so you can gain experience of game designing. if you think you play more then Thousand of Games so you can be a game designer so not because the game designer design the game, add more items, story, make interesting, and many more they fins that what inside it so it makes it unique from other games so this is how the thinking process is work of game designer.

Example: In 2014 there is a game come name alien Isolation in this game the enemy or alien follow the player and the player cannot shoot or kill the enemy but the enemy always follow the player and player wants to run from enemy Whereas game makes thrilling and suspenseful and like this the resident evil 2 game has same type of enemy and same machines in that game.

Skills Required:
First and the most important skill you need that is Communication Skill because in the company there are lots of team and you need to talk with them. so in the team you will talk with game designer, game developer and more so both have different thinking power and you need to guide them with same goal.
And other you need to learn Psychology, Philosophy, Myths, World Religions, Maths(at least Algebra), Programming (Good Logic), Drawing, Graphic Designing.
You need to play different games and those games that you do not like and does not interesting because you need to clear how the game works, story telling and lots of more things.
And the most Important thing is you need to be creative means you have creativity so you can add more features to game.

How to start:
You can start with making pen and paper games, board games like ludo, snake and ladders, chess and more. If you become comfortable with the board games so you can shift on to game engine here you can make game with programming graphic designing you can use game maker studio it is free and easy to use then if you become comfortable in this so you can shift to unity it is also free but little bit harder to use and it makes very unique games and after it you can make your portfolio and send to the company if company likes your portfolio so they will take action to you they will take your interview and hire you to your company if you want to know how the game is made you can Click here its free to learn

So be ready to make your portfolio and become a game designer and make your ideal game.
So that's all guys I hope you like the post and if deed you can comment down below and thanks for reading the topic we will meet in another blog bye... 
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