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How to cool down your PC and Mobile Phone

As you know the summer are coming, and we feel the hot temperature while we are outside, inside or anywhere and we also know that our PC and laptop will also get heated with Hot temperature that's we called heating. so why it is happen ?


So Lets Begin---
One day my friend is playing a game on his Android Mobile and then suddenly he asked me Why the phones become hot when we play games ? And as like this my other friend ask me Why PC become hot when we play games ? and they does't know the heating problem is big and many companies are make those devices that does't make so much heat or not make heat but it is electronics that become heat as like fact.

Why our devices make so much heat ? 
And: The Second law of thermodynamics what happens when some energy is used so some energy will be wasted and waste energy converted in heat means it become heat or released and as we know the current travel to our devices and when it travel so it generate heat and out of this heat our devices become heated.

In our devices like motherboard we have a component name called resistors it help us to limit the current means if we send the 5 volt current to a bulb but our bulb need only 3 volt so the resistor help here the 2 volt current it consume inside and this makes heat because the 2 volt are wasting.

And as we know there are lots of resistor in our device and the most common parts of PC that makes most heat are CPU and GPU the Brain of the Computer and in these components have Millions of transistors and those make heat. When we play high graphics game and use High end software like after effects, and more those run by CPU and GPU and these components need more energy that is current of electricity and do more processing for this heavy work and like this it generate heat as much we do more work so the heat will also increase.

In our Computer we have heat sink that help in cool the CPU but in our phone does't have heat sink because in our phone does't have much more space to fit a heat sink inside the phone we have SOCs but all the components of the mobile are on a single chip and that's why it designed for power efficient means it consume low power and give high output. but heat generate all time and our phone back become hot.

So how the atmosphere temperature effects our PC if the atmosphere temperature is 35 degree so the system temperature will also be at 35 or more but in case the temperature will foll down to 30 or 32 degree so it generate moisture to the components and it will destroy our system.

If you want to check the temperature of the PC or mobile there are lots of apps in the market but  i will tell you the best app for you in Mobile you can use Ampere and in PC you can use MSI after burner software.


The maximum heat of the Mobile phone is 45 degree and in the PC it is 80 degree in case the temperature is beating the maximum value so it is called over heating. The overheating can make many problems but the common problem of heating is Thermal Throttling inside the problem the processor slow down it power so our PC become lagging why because the processor slow down its speed and take less power this is called Thermal Throttling.

This is not the only problem of heating in some condition our PC or phone permanently become damage so what is the solution there is no solution for phone but before you are buying the new phone so research for your phone and in Youtube there are lots of video where you can check your heating test if the phone pass the test so you can buy it easily. Next is PC there are lots of solution for PC
  1. Make your PC clean from inside if it does't work
  2. So apply the thermal paste on your processor or CPU
  3. Add a new heat sink so your processor work cool and cool

So that's it all for today i hope you like the article if you get something from this article you can comment me down below and if you like it so read a another blog till then take care and bye...
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