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How to make First Video Game | Gaming | Possible Gamer

How to make first video game | Possible Gamer

As you know the Gaming community is growing how fast and the game creating is also expanding so today we are discussing about how you can make your own first indie game the indie game is known that from beginning to end you need make your game by your own it means you need to make the game assets, sound effects, animation, beats, and all the other things by your own you can also team up with your friend who is interested in game making so you can divide the work and give each other and this will help you to make it fast and easy to do and you both can also add the more features in it.



What you need:
A PC don,t worry we do not need a high end PC you start with your old laptop.
And Internet Connection it is Optional but in 2020 everyone has internet.

What to learn first:
You need to learn first a programming language you can start with C and C++ it is easy and all the programmers will start learning with C and from my view the C programming language is build for learning the new programmers. but after the learning C you need to shift on object oriented programming (OOP) language because your game concepts is only clear in OOP the OOP language are c++, java, C# go with C# because the unity is only use C# you are thinking what is unity don,t worry i will tell you later.
And if you need to Design Assets the assets are the game items like player sprite, background image, UI, and more so you can go with Photoshop it is only for 2D.
If you are looking for 3D you can go with Blender it is free and make 3D design.

What is Unity:
The unity is a Game Engine that helps you to make game easy with their interface it has build in animation method and events handling and more other features and it is also for free and it is also recommended who make indie games the unity game engine can export your game in PC, Android, Xbox and more the unity runs on C# that's why I am telling you to learn C# it has in-built IDE that is Mono develop but i do not use it i use Visual Studio it is easy and fast for developers.
The unity made so much Famous games like Crossy Road, Cuphead, Monument Valley 2, INSIDE, Ori and the blind forest, etc you can checkout on play storeUntitled document and steam.

Learn Game Programming:
It is necessary to learn Game programming because it helps you to clear you all mind concepts and you errors you can learn it from unity official website; youtube channels brakeys, blackthornprod; and from Google.

Which Type of game i made:
You can Start the game making with 2D and 3D game these are 2 popular type you can start with but i recommend you with 2D because it has only 2 Axis (X, Y) so this is easy to start coding
You can make game by watching other games like flappy bird platform games like Mario it is very famous in Nintendo console

How to get Assets for games:
There are tons of website in the market were you can buy and get the assets you can also download from unity there are all the items you can get in one folder audio, video, animation, 2D, 3D, and more for free and paid but I recommend you to make your own Assets by Photoshop and Blender.

How to get Sound Effects:
You can get Sound effects from and it is free to use there are more website you can visit.
If you need to make background sound, make sound from your own and get to edit it, you can use Audacity it is totally free to use and easy.
And the last is Bosca Ceoil for making background sound it is also free to use and has best features even i use for my projects in Game Making.

Do not make your first game big:
Start your game with simple Projects like flappy bird as i tell you before than share your game to your friends and tell them if there is mistake, bug, or any other thing that you are not liking it so tell me i will fix it and make it harder for you.
Because you are in learning Stage so only clear your concepts do not focus on making game focus on learning.
Add more features to your game.

Launch it on Play Store:
If you are ready to launch your game you can launch it on playstore where from the world all the people download your game and play with it you can earn with your first game also but we discuss it on another topic not today.


So that's all guys I hope you like the post and if deed you can comment down below and thanks for reading the topic we will meet in another blog bye...
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