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How to make Gaming Channel with mobile | Possible Gamer

How to make Gaming Channel with Mobile Possible Gamer

Yes, Today we are discussing about how you can make gaming channel with mobile.
So we start with a simple game like PUBG MOBILE if you need to start gaming with PUBG MOBILE you need to download the game from playstore and this is totally free game but the size of the game is so high it is may be 2 to 3 GB game but if you are a hardcore gamer so you like to download it.
Then you need a channel in YouTube Today we only discuss on YouTube not others Because YouTube is Excellent and easy to use so you need a game channel name and internet connection but the internet connection is must be quite good it may be 5 to 10 mbps speed if you do live and if you do it on gameplay and record the game than voice over it so you need only 1 to 2 mbps you can work on your cellular data means on your SIM card.
Then you need a recording or live streaming application if you need to record you can use Mobizen it is free and available on Playstore and if you want to live stream so you can download SteamLabs and it is totally free than you can connect the app with your youtube Account that you make for gaming.
Than you need a voice over Application if you are making voice overing gaming channel you can use Lexis Audio Editor it is free and easy to use you can download from playstore and then you need a mic for recording you can use your earphone microphone it is best quality and free of cost and the can reduce background noise.
Than you need a Editing app you can use KINEMASTER it is free but if you use it and render video than on your video you get a watermark that look so boring to watch gaming by your viewers so if you have some money you can spend on it and buy the application and use it without watermark.
Tips for livestream gamers
  1. You need to do live stream without using webcam or front camera because in your hand your holding your phone so the camera will hide by your fingers or hand.
  2. You need a good earphone for taking with your viewers and getting full experience of gaming sound.
  3. As you know when you are playing game the viewers are commenting to you but you have only one screen to view your chats so you can use other phone for live chats or your pc laptop and than you see chats very easily and you can reply it fast and interact with your viewers.
  4. As you know the viewers come for entertainment so you need to entertain your viewers with jokes.
  5. And last you need to play different games not only PUBG it is example for you.

After making channel and uploading video you can add some description about your phone specification and which phone you use and your accessories that what you use like earphone, headphones, mic etc because as you know your viewers want to know what my star is using.
And if you are finding to start your gaming channel with pc click here
So that's all guys I Hope that you like the article. If you like it you can comment me down below and if you don't so do not do anything thank You guys for reading bye...
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