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How to make a PC under 500$ for Game Development | Possible Gamer

How to make a PC under 500$ For Game Development

Many of peoples are looking for a PC for game development but this is little bit difficult to choose the specs for PC. In this article you will know the best GPU, CPU, RAM, Power Supply, HHD, SSD and many more so if you are excited to know

So Let's Begin---
​In this PC you can make games with game engine like Unity, BuildBox, Gamemaker Studio any others and if you are a Designer you can also use blender, 3DS Max and more. And if you like to play some games to relax your mind you can also do that with it. and as you this is harder to select the components with 400$ but the PC are build in more than 1000$ of dollar and you know that we are beginner so we do not start the game making with AAA game so we start with indie games and in this PC you can easily make the game and designer some Lowpoly designs with 3D software. know we discuss about which specs we use so these are.

CPU AMD Ryzen 2200G
And as you know the game engine need better CPU for making games and it need better processing power so in this build we choose this. In this you get :
  1. Cooling Fan in the Box so we do not need a extra cooler we can use this only.
  2. Quad Core 4 Core.
  3. 4 Threads. 
  4. Clock : Base Clock 3.5 Boost Clock 3.7
  5. Cache 4 MB
  6. And more you can check on the Website.
And in this processor you also get Integrated Graphics that is 

GPU : Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
It can Beat The GT 1030 this is best CPU i like to choose in this build and this is integrated in CPU so you do not need to buy a external Graphic card.

Mother Board : Asus EX-A320M-Gaming
As you know we need to choose only those mother board who are capable to run Ryzen 2200G and its package is AM4 in this you get AM4 socket to insert the CPU in this you get
  1. In this you get many USB Input
  2. HDMI Port
  3. 4 Ram Slots that support DDR4
  4. And for Front panel means if you have a case that has 3.0 port in front so you can access from front also.

Ram : HyperX Fury DDR4 8 GB with 2400Mhz
And in this build we need good and high frequency ram with more storage so we use 8 GB because we need to do multitasking and this is good for beginner and if you want more so can also add a 1 more stick of 8 GB and do more Stuff.

Storage : Seagate 1 TB HHD
And this is best to store data in it. like photos, videos, files, and more and if you need fast so you can use 256 GB or more SSD it is a Solid state drive that works very much more faster in PC its like if unity game engine open in 45 sec in HHD on the other hand in SSD the same software that is unity will open in only 20 sec its depend on PC.

Power Supply : Corsair 450 watt
And as you know we need a power supply to current our PC many people buy cheap power supply but you need to buy a good power supply that supply current to your PC in Flow so our components get the only those much supply that they want.

This is a mid tower cabinet to join our all components in a place and in this cabinet we get 
  1. 1 Side tempered glass 
  2. Front we get a RGB strip that give a premium look to our PC with RGB controlling button
  3. And at the top we get USB 3 USB 2
  4. Mic and Speaker Out port
  5. And a Memory card Slot
  6. With RGB fan inside

So these are the components to build a PC in 500$ and if you have any doubt about the PC you can comment down below i will give you solution to it.
and all the links are given to the name you can access and buy them easily now and thanks for reading this article i hope you liked the post if deed comment down till then take care we will meet in another blog bye...
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