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How to start Gaming Channel | Possible Gamer

How to start Gaming Channel

Possible Gamer

There are lots of platforms where we can start a gaming channel for free but I like the most common


Youtube and Twitch


These are the two platforms where you can start your own personal and inspiring gaming channel and build your own gaming community.
So this post is divided into 2 parts there are some common things you needed to start with like

2. Internet or without Internet Connection
yes, you can start your gaming channel with Internet or Without Internet Connection.

So Let's Begin

First you need a Channel you can start your channel on YouTube or Twitch. This is easier to make you can do that than you need a channel name a good or unique name that is different from others' names. Ex Gaming Freak, Buddy Gaming, etc
Than you need a Gaming pc not a simple pc you can start with mobile here is the post. Minimum Requirements of gaming pc will be i3 processor (CPU), 4gb of ram and a graphic card (GPU) but you can start channel with simple games like nes games like mario, contra, islander and tekken 3 etc but you know that people like AAA games AAA games are 3d and high end pc games like gta 5, fortnite, PUBG And many more you can search on Steam but we are discussing on how to start Channel only.
So then you need a streaming software or screen recording software for recording the screen that you play that game so there is so much software in the market but I like the only one is OBS this is free and open Source and easy to use and easy that your computer or system can handle it very easily.
After the software you need to choose how you wanna start gaming with it live and Gameplay and overlay commentary that is your choice you can start with but my option is that if you don't have internet you can start with commentary gameplay. So the commentary Gameplay is that you need to record your gameplay with screen recording software and add a commentary on it with your voice you can use your mobile phone mic or laptop pc mic it is good and if there are some issues like noise you can use Audacity software it is free and open source which help you to change your background noise and some other feature are available like your voice speed if you need your gameplay in fast and end the video fast so you can do that and the other option is that with live stream if you have internet just connect your net with your system and play games there are many more things you can unlock with it like you can directly connect with your audience and reply the comment that your audience is asking with you and if you are not reaching to a level so you can ask for help from your viewers they will tell you.
There are some More important things you need to do with your audience that entertain your audience with comments and games. You need to laugh, be emotional, romance, and etc with games so people can interact with you and know you this is the most important thing in gaming.
If you need improvement you can watch other professional gamers do what they are doing with their audience and channel and so you can do with your own channel and grow it.
You can also create your own website with your Same Channel name and post your video links or you can start a blog on it and you can also start your Instagram or Facebook meme page that your fans post things on to it and you can review them and give vote to them also.
There are Ways to earn by playing just games but it is quite difficult to do. You need to work hard and get more subscribers and more views on your videos but this is also another topic we will discuss in another blog post.
So that's all guys i Hope that you like the article that I write . If you like it you can comment me down below and if you don't, do not do anything. Thank You guys for reading bye...
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