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Which Programming Language Learn By Beginner ?

As we know there are dozens of programming languages in the market but we need to learn that language those can run at anywhere but this is not possible because the all languages are built for a single purpose to like JavaScript for web development, c++ for gaming or software development, python for hacking and etc but here a question a comes which language we should learn when we are beginner in this field.

First you need to find your field that where you want learn things like Web development, software development, Game development and etc here we discuss about only these 3 but if you want to get another topic so you can comment me down below

So Lets Begin---
For Beginner
​If you are a starter at this field and you don't which field should i jump so you must learn C and C++ Because these are those from every programmer start with this and this is fast to learn in C the all syntax function are easy and easy to learn and if you are switching to C++ so you can switch it is a type of a next level part of C in C++ you can learn (OPP) the Object Oriented Programming is used in software development gaming and in many more stuff so you start with C and C++

Web Development
In web development you need to learn JavaScript firstly do not compare this with Java because these are so much different from other the java is use used in Android development but here we discuss only JavaScript this is mainly use to make website clean and to action with user this easy to learn if you are a beginner you jump on to JavaScript so you need to give more time to this.
If you come with C or any other Language so it is easy to learn because most of the languages are same but there syntax are different so you need to learn syntax and some basic of it and your JavaScript basic will be clear in less time.

Software Development
In the you can learn C#, Java, Python, C++ you can go with anyone but i will prefer to jump with Python And Java the python is easy to learn and it is not difficult because in this language the syntax are very very easy to learn if you are master in these languages so you can use Framework the Framework is a set of code where many of lines of codes are written in it and you access with classes Function object and more.
These languages are best for there work you can start with these languages.

Game Development
You can learn C++ if you learn C and not so go to Beginner topic and read it again the game development there are many languages you can also learn Python, C#, Java but these are there own purpose to learn if you want to learn game development so you can start with Game Engine and that is Unity Game Engine it is free and in this software you need to learn C# and this is best for beginners. you can read this also Why Games Need Programming to make.

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