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Why Games Need Programming to make ? | Possible Gamer

Why Games Need Programming ?

You have a great idea to make a game and you want to make the game to a reality so you want to make your own game. You know we need a game engine to make a game and you already downloaded a engine to make a game and after all you need assets and as like game engine you also download the best and greatest assets for your game.

So you have game engine game assets and what to do next the next is coding or programming. And as you know there are lots of programming languages in the market and here a question comes Why games need programming languages to make is there a way to make games without programming languages so in this article we discuss about coding and can we make games without programming if not so why not if yes.

Why Games Need Programming

So Lets Begin---
For making video games we need programming languages and this is called game programming. The game programming is very important part of the game because we cannot make games unique and better.

Where we need Game Programming ?
So question comes where we need game programming. It is used in to take input from the user and give an output as you know the game is played by keyboard, joystick, mouse, etc. And they need a Input this role is played by programming language. As you know in the game the "W" stands for moving the player forward, "S" stands for moving the player Backward, "Space Bar" stands for jumping the player and many more input we need. 
Also the programming language is need to make Gameplay because the Gameplay decide how the game be look like, what challenges we had to do, what missions we need to do, storytelling, etc so this is also made by programming. Many people play the game candy crush in this game you have many of candies to blow it and you have a challenge bar where you get challenges like beat the target, drop the candies down, blow the chocolate and many more so this part we also need programming.
Also in the AI we need programming because we need to give AI to enemies example: in the batman game if we kill a enemy from backside they do nothing to player but on the other hand if we kill the enemy from front they attack to us. So we need to make the enemy smarter. And in some games there are very difficult enemy to kill because they have very powerful AI and this done with lots of programming.
The game engine are also developed by programming example: the Unity game engine is develop in C and C++.

And think that we need to make a game so first we need to make a game engine how hard it is. But in the Big companies they use there own Game Engine example: Ubisoft use Dunia Game Engine. and you have question why companies make there game engine if there are lots of game engine in the market because if we use a specific game engine to make a specific game so it is easy to make because they can add more features, optimize, enhance, etc.
And you can also make your own game engine but you need to learn programming language.
And the programming is used everywhere like sound programming, graphics programming, physics programming(Most important), and if you are making multiplayer game so Database Programming, network programming and more.


Can we make games without programming ?
Yes, There is software in the market name Build Box and with this software you can make games with out coding but you can only make a specific game that Build Box have inside build it but you need to make a specific game so you need to learn programming language.
But yes the programming language is difficult to learn but if you do not have interest in programming so you can do other stuff in gaming field like sound designer, graphic designer, game designer click here and many more.

But if you need to make your own game like a indie game so you need to learn programming language Even then you love programming or not. So question comes which programming did i learn so you need to learn those language which your game engine support like the Unity game engine support C# and Unreal Game Engine support c++.
But the game programming and programming are different so you can learn programming with there official site of game engines.

So i hope your concept about why games need programming languages is clear and if there is a doubt you can comment me down below and i will see you in the next blog or article till then be safe and keep learning game programming bye...
 This Author of the Post Tashvik Bansal and this post is upload on possiblegamer.com

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