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Boost Your System like a High End PC

Performance is the most important thing that matter most whether your car performance, whether you are a student exam performance and PC performance so in this website we talk about gaming so this article we are talking about Gaming performance for your PC and if you do not play games so you can do this for your potato PC also.
If in your PC there is no graphic card or a simple and old graphic card we do these things to fast out PC or laptop with these easy and simple tricks or tips. And as you know we need to maintain our PC to make your PC better so we can do our stuff fast and easily .

So Lets Begin---
#1 Update your Drivers
If in your PC there is a graphic card or CPU so update your drivers of it. if there is no drivers in your system so Install it from there official website. if you are using APU so update those drivers. So it makes your system fast because they get rid of the old bugs and make it faster.

#2 Get rid of junk
Those software that you does't not use in daily life so uninstall it because many of the software runs in back and it makes your PC slow so check if there is a useless software in our system you can check it by going in control panel > Programs and Features and if there is a software that is useless than right click on it and click Uninstall. And also check in your Task Manager if there is a back process is running you can check it by going in task manager by clicking Ctrl+Shift+Esc or right click on task bar down below and than click on task manager than in the task manager check the items in the Processes tab and in start up tab Start up are those software when we boot our system they begin automatically so disable it if they are not use of your by Right Click and click disable to it.

#3 Defragment your Disk Regularly
Defragmentation is like a assembling your files if your files are not assembled so make your file fragmented by going in Optimize in Windows 10 it makes your PC files optimize it is help in games when your games run i need there files if the files are another disk and audio files are in another disk so it is hard find your system and not have to make your game much most faster so arrange it custom or with optimize inbuilt Windows 10 feature.

#4 Set Maximum Performance
Go to Intel graphics properties or Nvidia Graphics Properties and switch it on maximum performance. it will make your system fast the processor or GPU takes more power to give more performance it is called Overclocking it happens like if we give the more power to CPU or GPU it boost up there frequency and give faster performance. Also you need a good cooling system because you know that we are giving more power so it will generate more heat that's why we need good cooling system and this will also make your system Fast.

#5 Use Gaming mode
​If you are using Microsoft Windows 10 so in the latest version we have a gaming mode inbuilt and you can use it by click on WIN + G it opens a gaming bar and you do much more stuff in it and makes your games fast and overall system will also become fast.

If these tips will work so comment me down below.
So that's it all for today i hope you like the article if you get something from this article you can comment me down below and if you like it so read a another blog till then take care and bye...
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