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What and Why Gamers Face Problems | Possible Gamer

What and Why Gamers Face Problems

Today we are looking at why and what gamer face problems in there gaming life.
So this article have short heading but you can go with it.

So Lets Begin---
Toxic Community
What is toxic community as you know there are 2 types of people good and bad so the bad people do many wrong things to gaming like i am playing PUBG yesterday there is a guy in my squad he is making very bad sound in the speaker and my playing experience is coming to low down that i lost the game also.
There are people who mod the game and hack the game so they win all the time this is called toxic community.
This is the biggest problem in Gaming.

I don't know what in your country is going on about gaming but in our country the INDIA the gaming is toxic because many of the do not like playing games but there are some who those play but there parents does not allow them to go in this community.
As you know in the online multiplayer game there is no pause button to pause your game and your parents said "do this work" then you said "i am playing the game" and parents said "Pause your game!" so what you do 😄 for this that why this problem is also big in India as i said first i don't know about your country so that why i only telling of my country

​as you know the graphics card processor are not come at low price and many of the parents does not give give money for gaming and our PC and many parents thinks this is not the good community to go with this is also the problem and many of the other thinks are very costly like Gaming PC and many people do not buy games.

Game Series
​Many of the games come in the market but they last to at a single game they do not make the next part of the game like in Project IGI come and the second part also but it comes in 2003 or 2004 i think but it another part does not come so that why this also a problem of the game series game

Saving Game
In many games there is a thing that we become frustrated with it that is saving the game when we do a level 1 and then we are going to do the next level and suddenly we die in the game not in real so we want to do the level 1 again this is also a problem in Saving the Game.
And this also the biggest problem from this in our system there are save files if they become corrupted so we start the game from beginning and we become more and more angry with that

As you know many potatoes PC does not support high end games and they become slow and dance like a slow motion and i less talk about this problem so this is be good.

When a new game launches so we see the trailer of the game and we see that the game of the graphics are so much real like we are in the game and the game comes with the realistic graphics so we start collecting money for the game the money is collected > we buy the game > we downloaded the game > we install the game > and we are opening it than what we see Cartoon the game is like cartoon what is this.
The game companies make these trailer for you so you buy the game and company become rich so this is also a big problem in Gaming.

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I hope you like these problems for gaming Community.
So that's it all for today i hope you like the article if you get something from this article you can comment me down below and if you like it so read a another blog till then take care and bye...
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