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How to Earn Money With Editing In Gaming | Possible Gamer

How to Earn Money With Editing In Gaming

As you know the gaming community is very big and you know many of the players playing games day and night, all the day and you have a chance to get in gaming community if you are a video editor so you can earn money with games 

This is video is get from youtube : Gamer Tashvik

So Lets Begin
If you are a Video editor and you know how to edit videos and you know very well so there is a chance to earn money and show skills in the public with gaming community.

As you know there are thousands and thousands of gamers in gaming community on the youtube twitch platform. And as you know they stream there videos very large of time at least 2 hours to 7-8 hours of stream/live.

So You can offer there admin to "I am a editor, and i can edit or short your videos and those who do not see your whole stream or live video so those can see your videos in less than 30 mins of longest live video".

You can charge them some money that we will edit your videos our price is that that and that and i will suggest you if you are a new user do it for free because it will generate your marketing value and in hence your skills also. 

And you can make your Portfolio on Instagram,Youtube or you can make your own Website and also add a form for user so they can give you videos and you can edit it.

If you think that i am growing well so you can price them or increase your pricing value.

So here you need to short the video if the live video is 1 to 2 hours long you can take the main main part of the game in this blog i am using PUBG and CSGO because these games are in trending and most of the gamers play these games so you need to take main main shot or kill and make a small video of it.

Then you need to edit the video with your PC editor like Vegas Pro, After Effects and other editor and you need to edit the like a gaming video like you need to add some effects transition overlay and more and its up to you how you edit.

But If you don't know how to edit videos so you can learn on Youtube And Udemy these are great-great-great platform to learn any thing that you want.

So what you edit in video you can make Montages, Short the Videos these are some editing tips to edit in your video and if you don't know what are montages you can check the video that i add in the post.

And If you are a Mobile user you can also do it on your Phone and the Next Blog Post will Come on mobile wait for it

So this is how you can earn with editing in Gaming Community
So that's it all for today i hope you like the article if you get something from this article you can comment me down below and if you like it so read a another blog till then take care and bye...
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